5 Best Indian Restaurants in Al Karama

11 Apr 2017

5 Best Indian Restaurants in Al Karama

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5 Best Indian Restaurants in Al Karama

Indians hail from the land that makes the spiciest curries and the sweetest desserts.
And when it comes to lavish dining and delicious food, no one can offer that better than the Indians.

If you have been around Dubai, you know that it is a giant hub of Indian restaurants. Simply, because a huge population here is Indian. Not only that, people from all over the world find Indian food interesting and want to taste the flavours and variety of meals from different states of India.

For all the foodies living in Dubai, we have listed down the top 5 Indian restaurants that are the most popular of Al Karama. These restaurants are a must-try and you will find yourself hooked to the type of food they offer.

1. Amaravathi

Amaravathi is a delight for spice lovers. This Andhra joint serves the most amazing flavored dishes with the traditional touch.
The Nizams Treat is one of the favorite food on their menu for non-veg lovers. The restaurant justifies the fact of Andhra being the largest producer of green chillies in India.


2. Calicut Paragon

Calicut Paragon is a classic Kerala restaurant serving the mesmerising coastal food from India. The simple yet exotic Pandanas Chicken is a must try for a Keralite living in Dubai. The chicken is well marinated to be wrapped in palm leaves and then is deep fried for the balanced flavor that titillates the taste buds.

calicut paragon

3. Eric’s

Eric’s is one of the best Goan restaurants you will find in Dubai. This Indian restaurant serves homely meals with the authentic flavours of Goa. Even if you are not of an Indian descent, the Prawns recheado and Kingfish rawa fry are a must try for everyone. Want to taste something super delicious? Try Eric’s today!

erics restaurant

4. Maharaja Bhog:

Eat your heart out with the unlimited thali at Maharaja Bhog. The Maharaja Thali brings together the best delicacies of Rajasthan on one large plate. From Matar Paneer to Elaichi Shrikhand, the dishes on the thali make sure you feel like a maharaja. This Rajasthani restaurant fulfills the dreams of every vegetarian foodie out there.

Maharaja Bhog

5. Paramount

Paramount has a huge menu and the Biryani of this place cannot be missed. The combination of freshly cooked rice and marinated chicken makes Paramount’s biryani a real delight for food lovers. The Chicken tastes a lot different from other biryanis as the right amount of flavor is added to the dish.


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