5 Reason Why Chai Box will become Your Favorite Beverage

23 May 2017

5 Reason Why Chai Box will become Your Favorite Beverage

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While you think Coffee is the most famous beverage, die hard tea lovers think otherwise. Though originated in China, tea is famous amongst many Asian as well as European nations.

For those who enjoy every whiff of it after a long tiring day know it is more than a cup of beverage- it is a culture in itself!
Ask Indians and the neighbouring countries on how much they prefer this drink over other drinks whenever they sit down to have conversations and meetings.

Well, if you already love tea, Chai Box doesn’t need much introduction. You’ll simply love the fresh aroma and wholesome taste of this exhilarating beverage. But, for the those who are still wondering how a cup of tea can pull you out of an exhaustive stupor, here are the reasons:

1. Conversations get Smoother

Ever heard about the famous quote- Chai Pe Charcha?
The hindi term simply means sitting down together to discuss important details over a cup of Chai. Chai is literally the best beverage to enjoy while you deliberate crucial stuff.

5 Reason Why Chai Box will become Your Favorite Beverage

2. The Versatility of Tea

It doesn’t matter what season it is, it is always a delight to have a cup of tea. Chai Box will be your perfect go-to companion when you are in a hurry. No dip, just Sip!

Versatility of Tea
Source: Hello Tea Cup

3. Not 1 or 2, Chai Box is available in 5 Flavors

Since the variety of Chai Box is not limited to just a single flavor, you can get whichever you like the most. By introducing 5 different ranges of tea, we want each one of you to experience the comfort of having a calming cup of Chai.

chai box

4. Chai Breaks can become the Highlights of your Day

Who said Chai could only be enjoyed at home? Order your Chai Box at work and find your much needed break anytime during a jam packed day. Trust us, Chai breaks are the best during office hours!

Chai Breaks can become the Highlights of your Day

5. Chai is a healer

Tea is the solution to almost every health problem. From headache to cold, you can easily cure mild aches with a cup of tea. So, the next time you are too tired after work, order a Chai Box and experience the goodness of chai in a cup.

Chai is a healer
Source: Good as Gold

Need more reasons? Experience 5 different flavors of the Chai only with Chai Box. Get in touch with us to know about other benefits of drinking this exhilarating tea. Orders only available at Spoonfed!

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