Launching a No Minimum Order Service in Dubai

20 Mar 2017

Launching a No Minimum Order Service in Dubai

by Admin

When Spoonfed launched in the first week of February, we were elated with the fact that we are starting our dream project. In a month of our service, we successfully delighted customers all over New Dubai.

For us the biggest challenge was to give what people in Dubai needed the most – a food delivery service that relates to their local taste. This is where Spoonfed stepped into the game. Now, ordering from pocket friendly restaurants of Karama is just a click away.

Our Proposition: No Minimum Order Value

One thing on which we have put a lot of thought is not having a minimum order value. Our customers can order anything they like without worrying about qualifying the Minimum Order Value on food deliveries. This simply means that now even a AED 10 dish will travel 25 KMs to reach you.

Travelling all the way to New Dubai! Just to hand deliver the food that you love.

Spoonfed is constantly working on products, apps and services that makes online food ordering smooth for the customers. In short, we are creating technology to make your taste buds enjoy everything that you love.

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