Ravi Restaurant: Serving the Best Chicken Tikka in Dubai

07 Apr 2017

Ravi Restaurant: Serving the Best Chicken Tikka in Dubai

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Food is the one thing we can discuss for hours and hours. And it is fascinating to see how huge the food industry has grown to be in Dubai.

The explainable reason why Dubai has a magnificent food industry lies in the fact that this city has an extensive variety of food from India and Pakistan.

Dubai unleashes the inner foodie in you and lets you experience a variety of savoury dishes from the land of spices.

One such restaurant that explores the spiciest of flavors of India & Pakistan is – The Ravi Restaurant.

ravi restaurant

As much as we love telling you about the best restaurants in Dubai, we just can’t help but write about Ravi.


So, what is so special about this place?

Ravi is a complete delight for chicken and meat lovers. This old age restaurant in Dubai serves the most amazing Chicken Tikkas, where we can savor the ultimate taste of Pakistani cuisine. Their mind-numbingly delicious Tikkas are to die for.
The chicken is grilled to perfection and the variety of spiced engulfed in the dish hits your taste buds in the most sumptuous way. If you are looking for a place that offers great food at decent prices, take your love of food to an all-new high with the Ravi Restaurant.

chicken tikka


What else can you try?

Other than the Chicken Tikka, the place offers Chicken Achaar Handi, Chicken Jalfrezi, Mutton Peshawar & Keema Naan. The dishes are rich in flavor and are served with authentic slurping curries alongside their crisp Naans.

ravi restaurant chicken tikka


Decent Prices

Still wondering why there is such hype about this place?
With delicious food starting at AED 8, Ravi is unbeatable in term of prices. The restaurant offers the most genuine rates for Indian and Pakistani food at economical prices.


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If you are thinking about visiting this place, you might just get a humongous crowd lining outside. The amazing food of Ravi Restaurant makes it super busy with people all around Dubai.

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