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Aappa Kadai

Nov, 22 2017

by Edwina Carrasco

Food was very tasty and good quantity too

Dec, 07 2017

by Charan Tej Vuyyuru


Dec, 08 2017

by Carlton tapp

The food arrived 1.5hrs after i ordered. The parathas were lile car tyres, coudnlt chew and very tough. The prawns 65 were soggy and mutton biryani was mediocre. Have been to the restaurant several times and the food is great but this is mostly caused due to elingated delivery hours. Never ordering from spoonfed again.

Dec, 16 2017

by Anita

The hyderabadi mutton biryani rice flavour was amazing. We were however dissappointed by the mutton pieces as it was mostly bones and not tender meat falling off from the bone type. My guests unfortunately decided not to touch the mutton pieces and just ate the rice.

Feb, 07 2018

by Saravana

Delivered in less than 30 mins. Good one