Bikanervala - Spoonfed




Jul, 30 2017

by Amrita Chopra

very good food

Aug, 23 2017

by Sandeeptalreja

good food

Sep, 05 2017

by NF

The chaat items were good. The sandwich was not good at all

Sep, 16 2017

by Sneha

Firstly, let me thank you guys for this amazin app and service. Truly, you guys connected old dubai with the new one and for us indians there is nothing that can replace indian food! Thank you very much!! As for the service of bikanervala it was good. The food came in HOT, which was surprisingly great! 1 of the chutney container came broken so that was a minus. But over all 'good'.

Nov, 03 2017

by Anuj Kapur


Nov, 03 2017

by Anuj Kapur


Dec, 16 2017

by Anuj

Excellent food

May, 27 2018

by Sandeeptalreja

food is obviously very good and high quality just if they can increase the quantity little bit more