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Canara Restaurant

Apr, 25 2017

by Jeenav948

the food was great - but the location was not picked up by the app's GPS. doesnt the APP pick my home location from google maps?? also i cant see order status on the app. also the app said 90 minutes but it came in about half the time. my rating is onyl for the food. i would rate the app as 2stars.

May, 06 2017

by Jsnair

Delivery was done as promised within 90minutes. Very impressive One of the dishes we ordered was Chicken Ghee Roast but received something that really didn't taste like the authentic mangalorean dish

May, 20 2017

by Preeta

The food was really good, delivery took close to 2 hours. , if delivery can be within the 90 minutes mentioned that would be ideal

May, 20 2017

by Preeta

If delivery can be made in 90 minutes that would be good. It did take more.

Nov, 27 2017

by Lydia

Good and tasty food. However, there is always a scope for improvement. Will be happy if a few more Mangalorean dishes are introduced.

Nov, 30 2017

by Roy Vaz

Amazing food

Dec, 02 2017

by Jeevan Fernandes

Good food and service.

Apr, 15 2018

by Arlene

Love the food, wish it was cheaper.

May, 23 2018

by Parishmita Gogoi

Awesome mangalorean food!