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Chai Box - Tea Delivery

May, 20 2017

by Suman

Ordwr shows conpleted but not deliveref yet

Jul, 09 2017

by Tasnim Adnan Leila

I was expecting a chai latte type of tea. However was pleasantly surprised that it was just like homemade chai not a westernised version of masala chai you get at coffee shop chains. Everybody loved it. It was perfection in a box.

Jul, 18 2017

by Lawrence Heidy

Was never delivered

Jul, 19 2017


very good service, delivered on time

Aug, 02 2017

by Royal Pinto

Tea was too good, but was hot enough

Aug, 03 2017

by Richard Peethan

It took almost 90 minutes to deliver only 1 item. And the Tea was not Hot.

Aug, 16 2017

by Megha Mehta

Too early to request for a feedback. You should wait till the food is delivered to request for a feedback on the service, delivery time and overall ordering process.

Oct, 10 2017

by Huda Shah

Chai was good, Delivered on time.. will order again and recommend to others too

Oct, 10 2017

by Obair Khan

Great taste. Fast delivery. Loved it.

Oct, 11 2017

by Samira Khan

Refreshing tea! Thanks for delivering it from all that way! My team at work really enjoyed their cup of Chai :)

Oct, 17 2017

by Pirzan

Chai was excellent, but takes too much time to arrive.

Oct, 18 2017

by Sreejith

Even after repeated requests to reduce the sugar content in the tea they deliver, there has been no consideration to this. Even black tea comes with excess sugar in it. Will appreciate if the restaurant can give importance to the customer requests/comments at the time of order. Else soon the customers will leave the restaurant.

Oct, 19 2017

by Marivic Aquino


Oct, 29 2017

by Amita

Very Good

Nov, 02 2017

by Amita

I had ordered the Ruby Chai, there were no dry fruits. Also the milk had gone bad.

Nov, 08 2017

by Nikita123

i have not received the delivery yet!!! disappointing!

Nov, 12 2017

by Prasad Raikar

Ordered zafarani tea and received normal tea

Nov, 15 2017

by Nikita Patel

Order confirmed- 3:48 pm Promised delivery time- 5:18 pm Actual delivery time- 6:05pm Chai- lukewarm Chat service- Pointless as they kept promising 5 mins Overall- Thanks but no thanks!

Dec, 05 2017

by Anupam

thanks for your support, tea is always at its best !!