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Rasoi Ghar

May, 13 2017

by Sridhar400

Good food and packing.

Jun, 16 2017

by Anand Ajit Lilani

Pathetic quality of food and way different to what they actually serve in the restaurant. Customization was not done based on menu selection on the SpoonFed app which was disappointing. Food quality specially the appetizers were not fresh. Not considered value for money and for sure, there are better options available to compete with Rasoi Ghar.

Aug, 06 2017

by Dhanwani Sapna

5 star for the food, and 0 for the service! such a pathetic delivery app. I placed my order at 7:15 and got the food to business bay at 9:52! imagine if I was staying in Marina!

Oct, 01 2017

by Ssumitsharma

good food,great service by spoonfed