Ruby Chai: The Perfect Flavor For Royal Settings

19 May 2017

Ruby Chai: The Perfect Flavor For Royal Settings

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Chai is always a good idea.

For people who find comfort in tea have tasted its real flavor.
Have you ever wondered what makes this drink so perfect? When we break down the whole process, we learn how well one ingredient blends with other and that’s the whole recipe of making tea. The tea leaves and herbs in water create an amber hue in the pan. By adding spices in the mixture the drink smells strangely comforting and fresh. And then comes the milk! The milk wells up the mixture and perfectly blends like it was meant to be.

Ruby Chai

The beauty of freshly brewed Chai can only be experienced by someone who is in love with it. Legend says, the introduction of chai was an accidental discovery. However, chai lovers cannot be more thankful to China for this amazing accident.

The best part about having a cup of tea is- it’s never too early or never too late for a chai.

And with the introduction of Chai Box, chai addicts can take a sigh of relief. Now, you won’t have to go from one place to another in the looking for that one perfect cup of tea.
Chai Box has introduced Chai in 5 different flavor. The reason is simple- everyone has a different taste when it comes to Chai. While some like chai in its milk variant, others prefer its pure and unadulterated taste.

Also, not every occasion demands the same taste.

While the Classic Chai is fit for any private gathering, the Zafrani is for that extra special occasion. But, ever since the launch of Chai Box, one flavor that got the maximum attention was the Ruby Chai.

The best way to explain the Ruby tea is through the rich and exotic ingredients.

Everything is less when we talk about the Ruby variant. The handmade Ruby chai is a gourmet Kashmiri style milk chai garnished with generous servings of pistachios and almonds. The makers of this exquisite tea have gone to great lengths to capture the amazing aromas and flavours and blended them with a touch of love so you can enjoy them in every cup.

All the Chai Box variants are free from artificial flavours and preservatives. Pure and natural. It’s impossible not to feel good after a pot of Ruby Chai. Part of Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet, these teas and spices will lift up your spirits and spice up your life, naturally!

chai box

If you share the same love for a hot cup of chai like we do, Chai Box is something you’ll immensely enjoy. With servings for almost 5 to 7 members, family gatherings and get togethers can be a real treat. While chai is a drink that can be enjoyed alone, it tastes much better when shared with people you love.

Want to know how? Order from Chai Box today and experience the rich and indulging flavours that we deliver to your doorstep.

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