Shifting Focus to what matters the Most- Our Customers

24 Mar 2017

Shifting Focus to what matters the Most- Our Customers

by Admin

In this super-fast era of Information Technology, everything we depend upon is changing rapidly. Life is becoming simpler for good, as there is more and easier access to offerings  and we all have been loving the change.

Matching up to the standards and demands of modern lifestyle, we are bringing Spoonfed to you!

Spoonfed is a trusted resource that delivers fresh and hot meals to people in Dubai.

Though there were many great ideas that struck our mind for this post, we chose to get started by explaining to you why we do what we do.

For people to order food online, we developed the perfect tool that matches up to the fast lives of busy professionals. Something that prioritizes food over everything.

We Value our Customers

In any business, you are only as good as your customers think you are.

So, we have made it a point to provide the customers an experience which is unmatched in its class. We want to solve customer enquiries, if any and help them discover the variety of food available right at their doorstep.

One thing we know is – If we want to leave our mark on this world, we need to have a great customer base.

Being a startup, we are open to new challenges. We believe that this is how we will always like to keeping our services, as customer centric as possible. There aren’t any set protocols that we have to follow. So, we have made it a point to go out of our way to deliver the best to our customers.

Another thing that we are working on is making our support system better – Better than the best. Only because we don’t want our customers to struggle with calls and emails every time they make payments.

We are going the extra mile to tell our customers that we care for them.

We are Unbiased

We will always remain unbiased to our customers.

Yes, partnerships with restaurants are important for us, but we cannot break the pact of customer satisfaction. We are listing down the best food places in Dubai that offer good quality food that is real value for your money and there will be zero compromises on ethics.

We are starting out as a pure-play food distance delivery for the restaurants in Dubai and hope to grow in other areas too.

We have got a Strong Backing

As a startup, we believe in what we are building. We have put our hearts and souls into this product and have got a strong backing from our family and friends, who believe in our dream. Their belief has been our support system. Our family and friends have been a great moral support in the times of need. We know what we are building will make them proud and make their beliefs come true.

For now, we have partnered with the most popular restaurants and are chatting with customers to add more features. This will ease their process of getting food they want.  

And with a team that many startups will dream of, we are very confident that we are here for the long haul. We want to serve and go beyond every possible expectations.

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