A Small Introduction To Chai Box

18 May 2017

A Small Introduction To Chai Box

by Admin

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea.

Popularly known as Chai, not only can a good cup struck the right chords in your mind, it also help you start your day with great enthusiasm. Moreover, they are an amazing conversation starters.

Meeting someone for the first time?
Sit down with a cup of chai to make things comfortable and subtle…
Want to talk something important?
Let’s get chai and have a healthy conversation.

A Small Introduction To Chai Box

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A friend, a healer and a companion- Chai means everything to all the ones who value it.

chai box
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Introducing- Chai Box!

Your Go-To chai in Dubai!

Be it early morning or late night, Chai Box is the perfect partner for everything you might want to do..
We get you, your dose of motivation to your doorstep, so you can enjoy the best flavors without searching for it outside. Helping you do what you need to get done.

Flavors You can Enjoy:

1. Classic Chai

Our Classic variant is infused with freshly brewed tea leaves that puts your senses to peace. Serve this milk chai to your guests with our exclusive samosa combo to experience the true Indian style of snacking.


2. Zafrani Chai

Want to know how a cup of tea can make conversations smoother? Taste Chai Box’s Zafrani Chai that is rich and infused with saffron. The fresh aroma and flavorful taste will satiate your taste buds, keeping you longing for more.

3. Ruby Chai

The Gourmet Kashmiri milk chai enriched with generous servings of almonds and pistachios, Ruby is one of our personal favorites. This chai has every tendency to turn you into complete tea addicts.

4. Sulaimani Chai:

Our Sulaimani Chai can be best defined as the freshness of aromatic tea leaves. Taste the freshly brewed earthy mint-scented chai that refreshes your heart and soul.

5. Black Chai:

Our Black Chai is undoubtedly the better and healthier alternative to your coffee. Our pure and unadulterated black tea has the most revitalizing effect that cannot go unmissed.

In order to keep our promise of delivering you the highest quality Chai, we are connecting with the best tea estates of the world. The tea we supply is 100% organic and is free of any artificial substances.

Spread the love with the fresh brewing cups of tea packed in a quirky box, delivered to your doorstep.

Go get your favorite tea!

It’s a ritual, a time to bond and talk with family, friends and loved ones. Because everything comes together over Chai Box.

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