Step-To-Step Guide for Spoonfed’s Delivery Service (On Mobile App)

15 Jun 2017

Step-To-Step Guide for Spoonfed’s Delivery Service (On Mobile App)

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With so many delivery services working alongside, Spoonfed is leading the race by offering food delivery all across Dubai. We are leaving no stone unturned to make your experiences better with us. This is the reason we have launched a distance delivery app which makes food reach you where other delivery services cannot.

To find out if we deliver to your area, please check the list of areas here. If you do not find your area in the list, rest assured we will start over there soon.

Here is a step by step guide on how to order your favorite meal with Spoonfed app.

1. Download the Spoonfed app from the App store/ Play Store. Then launch the app once it is fully installed on your mobile.

Spoonfed App

2. Get Started with the Spoonfed app.

 Get Started with the Spoonfed app

3. Choose from your favorite restaurant in the list and start browsing the menu.

Choose restaurant

4. Add your favorite meals in cart.

Add your favorite meals in cart

5. Review your cart before proceeding to payment. Spoonfed also gives you the option to state delivery instructions before you place the order. We make sure the restaurant takes care of your needs accordingly.

review your cart

6. Proceed to select address. Enter your Name, Email, phone number and add your address before proceeding to payment.

Proceed to select address

7. Add your address in the “New Address” tab. Choose area from the drop down and press Deliver here.

New Address tab

8. Place your order by selecting the payment mode.

payment mode

9. Congratulation!! Your order has been placed. You’ll now receive a confirmation message within 20 minutes, after which you can track your order.

order placed

So, did you see how simple that was? Your favorite meals are just few touches away. Follow this guide and make your app experiences better with Spoonfed.

We hand deliver your favorite meal anywhere you are. Order with no minimum value and get fresh and hot meals to your door-step.

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