Step to Step Guide of Spoonfed’s Delivery Service (On Web)

13 Jun 2017

Step to Step Guide of Spoonfed’s Delivery Service (On Web)

by Admin

Step to Step Guide of Spoonfed’s Delivery Service On Web

Food delivery services are a bliss for someone who doesn’t like to go out and eat. Also, the temperature in Dubai is shooting up to heights, making casual traveling much more difficult. At this point in time, food is something that keeps us going. But how do we reach food?

For those who are looking ways to reach food, Spoonfed is making food reach you!

By hand delivering food almost everywhere in Dubai, we are making every possible effort to get you hot and fresh meals to your door-step.

With all these delivery services working alongside, Spoonfed is leading the race by offering food delivery all across Dubai. To find out if we deliver to your area, please check the list of areas here. If you do not find your area in the list, rest assured we will start over there soon.

With all that being said, Spoonfed’s delivery service is easy and your minimal effort can get your favorite meals delivered to your door step. The best part is- you get to choose from 77 different restaurants in the city.

Here’s a step to step guide on how to order your favorite meal from Spoonfed on the web:

1. Select your favorite Cuisine

This is like a filter to your search. Since there are extensive variety of food from different restaurants, filtering your choice would only list restaurants of the same genre.

2. Click on your favorite restaurant to find menu

Choose your favorite restaurant from the list. You will see a tab on the left side with the Menu and food items displayed in the center. Add your dish to the cart and click on Checkout.

3. Login/Sign-up on Spoonfed (Web)

Login if you have a registered account or click on sign up to complete your order.

4. This is the page will be displayed on your screens next:

Adding personal details

5. Adding personal details:

Fill in your personal details and click on save to register your address for future orders.

Apply a coupon (if any), choose your payment method and place your order.

Place order

6. Your order is placed

You’ll soon receive an email and message for the same.

Your order is placed

Just 6 simple steps and we hand deliver food anywhere you are. Ordering your favorite food on Spoonfed is so easy now!

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